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As I'm on maternity leave with my baby daughter until beginning of 2021, I'm adding 20% extra to the value of all gift cards purchased between 1st November 2020 and 1st January 2021, as an appreciation of your patience.

Gift cards can be used from 1st February 2021 when I'm back in the workshop.

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The Unisex Collection

The [ˈjuːnɪˌsɛks] Collection

A recognition of transformations. A visually strong collection that plays with new body integrations and through these transforms recognisable pieces into new strong expressions.

The collection draws on the traditional piercing universe but maintains a strong Ninna York aesthetic. Bulky, soft and bold.

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Ninna York is a Copenhagen-based jewellery designer

Welcome to the Ninna York universe

I hope to make jewellery that can be worn by all ages and genders around the world. A world in which people can be free from prejudice and restrictive norms and are allowed to express courage, confidence and individual personality. 

Ninna York

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The Hollywood Collection

A take on old Hollywood style. An almost cinematographic collection with classic elements that make every piece feel sophisticated and iconic.

A timeless collection that mixes sterling silver and goldplated pieces in an unabashedly glamorous feel through geometrical shapes and eye-catching lines.

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Nikolaj Plads 30,
1067 Copenhagen K

Opening hours vary, but can be booked by appointment.

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