The Unisex Collection

The [ˈjuːnɪˌsɛks] Collection

A recognition of transformations. A visually strong collection that plays with new body integrations and through these transforms recognisable pieces into new strong expressions.

The collection draws on the traditional piercing universe but maintains a strong Ninna York aesthetic. Bulky, soft and bold.

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Ninna York is a Copenhagen-based jewellery designer

Welcome to the Ninna York universe

I hope to make jewellery that can be worn by all ages and genders around the world. A world in which people can be free from prejudice and restrictive norms and are allowed to express courage, confidence and individual personality. 

Ninna York

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The Hollywood Collection

A take on old Hollywood style. An almost cinematographic collection with classic elements that make every piece feel sophisticated and iconic.

A timeless collection that mixes sterling silver and goldplated pieces in an unabashedly glamorous feel through geometrical shapes and eye-catching lines.

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Nikolaj Plads 30,
1067 Copenhagen K

Opening hours vary, but can be booked by appointment.

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